Experiences for learning

Strategy & Puzzles

Our strategy and puzzle games are designed to be easy-to-learn, quick-to-play, yet challenging-to-master for all ages.


frog pond with kids 3Frog Pond

Frog Pond is a collaborative puzzle game in which players work together to move a frog to its favorite water lily.

Hidden GemsTreasure Trove

Hidden Gems is a unique puzzle game in which players maneuver through a dangerous cave to collect treasures. Players compete or collaborate or play solo to create a beautiful collection of gems while avoiding being caved in.

Himitsu DojoHimitsu Dojo

Himitsu Dojo is a fast-paced 2-player strategy game of cunning and intrigue. Will you figure out your opponent’s secret movement and capture abilities before it’s too late?


Whirlpool is an addictive 2-player strategy game that is simple (get 3 stones in a row to win) yet challenging (the whirlpool continually moves your stones around the board). If you can learn to think like a whirlpool you may just be able to outsmart your opponent and come out on top.


How many words of the same length can you spell without repeating any letters of the alphabet? Can you guess your opponent’s set of words faster than they can guess yours?

Zany Assembly Line

This strategic cooperative/competitive game game of building obscure objects on a relentlessly advancing conveyor belt suits 3-5 players, age 10 to adult, and runs 45 to 60 minutes. Download this PowerPoint presentation to learn more.