Experiences for learning

Systems Thinking Games

Our systems thinking simulations and games aim to stimulate awareness of how simple elements interact to result in complex patterns.


Wildflowers 1Wildflowers

Wildflowers is a game where players use the wind to spread their wildflower colors across the board. This simple yet mesmerizing game teaches the following complex systems concepts: decentralized agency, emergence, aggregate-level patterns, butterfly effects, and system randomness.

EquilibriumEquilibrium Game with Frogs

A cooperative mod of the ancient boardgame Mancala, designed to teach young students the mathematical concepts of equivalency, and how to maintain equilibrium within a close-ended system.


20160409_163352Emergence of the Cellular Automata

Playing on the idea of cellular automaton from mathematics, biology, and complexity theory, this game pits two players in a 15 minute battle of influencing simple rules to guide the emergence of complex patterns.