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Social Issues

Our social issues games are designed to support players in reasoning across difference as they come to terms with messy real-world dilemmas that are shaped by inequitable power relations and divergent political and moral interests.


forest_wordTroubled Lands

Explore the geopolitics of climate change in Troubled Lands, a 30-min educational game for ages 10 to Adult. Playable as a classroom activity and ideal grades 6 through college, it is a simple to learn yet morally provocative game that requires players to address competing motivations of self-preservation and group loyalty. Many sustainability themes including communal negotiation, governance, inequality, power, and the tragedy of the commons are present in the game. Troubled Lands has been successfully used to support learning in many courses. Troubled Lands is a revised version of a game called The Farmers about which several academic articles have been written.Learn more and play at www.troubledlands.com.


Difference close-up rDifference

Difference is an easy-to-learn, quick-to-play, negotiation game for all ages that is designed to promote philosophical discussion about inequity both inside and outside of the game.