Experiences for learning

Ellen Jameson

photo-ellenjamesonEllen Jameson is a researcher on the Cambridge Mathematics project in UCLES at the University of Cambridge and a PhD student in education and business at Trinity College Dublin. She has studied and designed environmental science games for classrooms at IU’s Center for Research and Technology and at Filament Games, and her interests include the potential for games to contribute to deeper understanding and richer discussion of social-ecological systems.

Ellen is currently researching the role of narrative and data visualization in collaborative environmental management games and simulations. Related research interests include the use of games to facilitate education and discussion around issues in environmental science. She hopes to contribute to the effectiveness of games as tools offering a balance of complexity, contextualization, visualization, and control, for communities to explore, debate, and refine their own resource management strategies and institutions. She has recently worked as a Learning Specialist at Filament Games and a Research Associate in the Center for Research on Learning and Technology at Indiana University Bloomington.

Her past work as a game designer and content specialist for Quest Atlantis included designing, building, and implementing games for 4th-7th graders which incorporate environmental science and human-landscape interaction topics. These include Taiga (environmental science and socioscientific inquiry), Virtual Mesa Verde and Virtual Hawaii Volcanoes (social studies and human-environment interactions), Making Mkomazi (wildlife conservation), and Spacenik (astronomy). She continues to create and study games that can bring the experience of current work within scientific communities into the wider culture.